Can I Get Treated With Personalized Dental Implants In Lexington, KY?

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When people have one or more missing teeth, they can replace that missing tooth or teeth with restorative dental implants. By getting treated with dental implants, patients will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Because everyone has their own unique smile, a skilled and trusted doctor can treat them with customized dental implants in Lexington, KY.


Interested in learning more about how people can get treated with personalized dental implants? Continue reading to learn more about how people can get a personalized new smile with dental implants.

How Exactly Can I Get Treated With Personalized Dental Implants In Lexington, KY?

Before their surgery even begins, a patient’s personalized dental implant surgery is virtually mapped out with CBCT scans. The CBCT scans are used to fabricate a customized surgical guide with the in-house 3D printer. With a customized surgical guide, patients will get their dental implants accurately and predictably placed.


So that the patient can virtually sleep through their surgery and have little-to-no memory of it afterword, they can be given sedation dentistry. If tooth extractions or bone grafting procedures are needed before the dental implants can be successfully placed, those procedures can be performed, often during the same dental implant surgical appointment.


Once the dental implants have been strategically and precisely placed in the patient’s jawbone, the patient’s mouth can be assessed for whether or not a temporary prosthesis can be placed in the same surgical appointment. When the patient’s mouth has fully healed, a final customized prosthesis can be placed. The color, shape, and size of the final prosthesis is custom designed so that patients get the exact new smile that they want.


With personalized dental implants, patients will have a new smile that looks natural, is functional, and will let them live their life normally.

Will Personalized Dental Implants Benefit My Smile?

Personalized dental implants can benefit a patient’s smile in numerous ways. The following are the specific ways personalized dental implants can benefit patient’s smiles:

Gives A Natural Looking New Smile:

Are custom designed to match the color, shape, and size of the patient’s natural teeth, giving them an aesthetically enhanced new smile.

Restores Dental Functionality:

Made to restore full dental functionality to the patient’s mouth, allowing them to eat, speak, and laugh without discomfort or difficulty.

Are Durable:

Designed for long-term use, often lasting many years or even a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Maintains Good Jawbone Health:

Helps to maintain jawbone density and volume, giving the patient a strong and healthy foundation for their new smile to be placed on.

Are Comfortable And Fit Well:

Tailored to fit comfortably and securely within the patient’s mouth, functioning just like their natural teeth.

Confidence Booster:

With a restored new smile, patients experience increased self-esteem and confidence in their daily interactions and life.

What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Missing Teeth With Personalized Dental Implants?

If missing teeth are not replaced with personalized dental implants right away, then several things could go wrong. First of all, any remaining teeth can start shifting out of place, causing a change in the patient’s bite that could result in them having a hard time chewing properly.

Secondly, missing teeth can lead to bone loss in the jaw, causing the facial structure to change shape and make it look prematurely aged. Moreover, without teeth, people will find it harder to speak clearly. Lastly, not replacing missing teeth with personalized dental implants can limit a person’s food choices. Dental implants, especially personalized ones, help mitigate these issues, giving patients a durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution new smile.

See Us Now So We Can Expertly Treat You With Personalized Dental Implants

Do you have one or more missing teeth that need to be reliably replaced? When you have one or more missing teeth, personalized dental implants will give you the exact new smile you need and deserve to live your life normally.


Why wait to improve your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Seth Chambers, Dr. Michael Campbell, and our exceptional team at our Bluegrass Dentistry office to schedule an appointment today!

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