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Same-Day Crowns - Lexington, KY

Two-Hour Tooth Fixes

Custom, Natural Same-Day Crowns

If you’ve just chipped or broken a tooth, especially if it shows when you smile, waiting weeks to fix it isn’t an option. You need an immediate solution that provides a natural and attractive result. We have your solution with CEREC same-day crowns in Lexington, KY! Don’t wait to schedule your appointment—with CEREC technology, our cosmetic dentists can provide a beautiful, custom new dental crown in just a two-hour visit at Bluegrass Dentistry. We’ll begin with a digital smile preview to show you how our custom dental crowns and dental bridges can transform the appearance of your smile.

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Our Fast, High-Quality Process

Our same-day CEREC process eliminates the headaches and hassle of conventional treatment for dental crowns. In years past, your only option for fixing a tooth was through restorative treatment spanning multiple weeks. You’d have to endure goop impressions and wear an uncomfortable temporary. Sometimes, the final crown from the dental lab wouldn’t fit the tooth accurately and would need to be remade. At Bluegrass Dentistry, we make conventional treatment obsolete with our training in CEREC technology.

Following our digital protocol, we’ll first take digital impressions of your problem tooth with our intraoral scanner. These precision scans provide a 3D foundation for us to virtually design your new dental crown. We’ll also present an accurate smile simulation so you can see how treatment will turn out! Next, we’ll send this information to our in-house CEREC milling machine where your new crown will be etched from a block of porcelain. We’ll complete all color-matching and polishing while you wait. In under two hours, your dental crown will be ready for us to bond securely to your tooth! Our CEREC same-day crowns provide our Lexington, KY community many benefits, including:

Replace a Missing Tooth

If more serious damage to your tooth has occurred that necessitates extraction, or it has been knocked out, you have the option to replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge. Though a time-tested solution, dental bridges are often not the most ideal long-term solution. Bridges need adjacent teeth to remain secure and while these restorations won’t decay, the teeth providing support can, especially if the bridge is not perfectly fitted. Even one decayed tooth can cause a dental bridge to fail.

Choosing a dental implant not only eliminates these problems, but is a healthier, more attractive, and longer-lasting solution overall. Unlike bridges, dental implants are meant to be permanent and are fixed in your jawbone like a natural tooth root. We complete your treatment “from the crown down” to first ensure optimal tooth aesthetics and then plan ideal placement of your implant in your bone. The long-term benefits of dental implants include:

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Preview your smile with a restored tooth.

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