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Dental Implant Expectations - Lexington, KY

Expect a Life-Changing Experience

A New Smile with Dental Implants

Receiving permanent dental implants in Lexington, KY is a life-changing experience for our patients. 

With fixed teeth that look and feel real, they can once again eat the foods they love and feel attractive in their smiles. Confidence soars and health improves. An active, energized quality of life is finally restored. Providing this quality, lasting dental implant treatment takes significant experience—a level of skill and artistry that perfects both the aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Not every dentist has what it takes to offer comprehensive dental implant treatment that lasts. We encourage you to choose our implant dentistry team at Bluegrass Dentistry that has the surgical and restorative expertise to offer this amazing solution for you all in a single location! 

Schedule your consultation or free second opinion today and learn what to expect with our treatment. You’ll receive a complimentary CBCT scan at your appointment, too.

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Dr. Chambers Talks About The Full Arch Process At Bluegrass Dentistry

Personalized, Thorough Consultations

Step 1: Meet-and-Greet

Every consultation with our implant team begins with introductions. Dental implant treatment is often a lengthy process, so it’s important that you are confident in our care and comfortable at our office. We’ll give you a tour of our modern facility, including our sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art surgical suites. Our implant team will complete all phases of your treatment in this facility to ensure the highest quality and longest-lasting outcomes.

Step 2: Diagnostics

Your consultation will also include a CBCT scan that captures high-resolution images of your mouth. These images are three-dimensional and gives us a precise representation of your oral structures, including the quality and density of your jawbone. We’ll be able to determine if bone grafting is necessary to restore this bone or we can strategically place the implants without the need for this additional procedure.

Step 3: Treatment Planning

With the end in mind, we’ll virtually construct your restoration in our design software, then map out the ideal location to place the implants in your jaw. Finally, from these designs, we’ll fabricate a custom surgical guide with our in-house 3D printer. This enhanced digital treatment planning provides an optimal level of surgical predictability and accuracy in the final fit of your restoration.

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Why Choose Bluegrass Dentistry?

Our implant dentist, Dr. Seth Chambers, has undergone extensive training in dental implants through a one-year intensive implant residency with BioHorizons, a world-renowned implant manufacturer. 

Using some of dentistry’s most advanced technologies, he and our team provide comprehensive dental implant care right in our office. This eliminates any discrepancies between a specialist office, dental lab, and our implant team, ensuring that your treatment remains at the highest quality and provides the longest-lasting functional and aesthetic results. 

Having one team completing your care also allows us to bundle costs into a single, lower treatment fee while being able to provide 5-year warranties on all our restorations. We encourage you not to wait to schedule a consultation with our team to learn how we can transform your smile—and life—with dental implants!

Real Patients, Incredible Results!

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