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Full Mouth Dental Implants - Lexington, KY

A Complete Transformation

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Restore Your Smile and Life

Living with a few missing teeth is never an ideal situation, but when all your teeth are either failing or missing, it can be nearly impossible to live a confident and functional life. 

Without teeth, eating is painful and food choices are limited. You’re embarrassed with how your smile looks. It’s becoming more difficult to feel attractive, happy, or healthy. In years past, your only solution to your situation was removable dentures. 

But with today’s advancements in surgical technology and materials, we can now offer you a fixed solution with all on 4 full mouth dental implants in Lexington, KY! A complete transformation of your smile, this solution can permanently restore your function, health, and quality of life.

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The Superior Choice in Full Arch Replacement

Our full arch dental implant solution, otherwise known by some as an “all on 4 dental implant” in Lexington, KY, is comprised of a fully custom fixed bridge of zirconia teeth permanently secured all on 4 to six or more dental implants strategically placed around your jaw. 

For one or both arches, this provides a permanent return to biting and chewing function with teeth designed to look and feel natural. With minimal maintenance outside of daily brushing and flossing, full arch dental implants will make it feel like you’d never lost your teeth in the first place—and are often better than the natural teeth you had before! 

Our dental implant treatments provide many amazing benefits, including:

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Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatment in One Office

To ensure these amazing outcomes of full arch dental implant treatment, we complete all phases of your care right in our office. This gives us the advantage of planning your treatment with the end in mind for optimal aesthetics of your final restoration in addition to lasting function with dental implants. 

As part of this process, we only choose implant systems and materials proven to have superior long-term durability, strength, and aesthetics. This is why your final prosthesis is precisely made from zirconia, a naturally tooth-colored material that is both biocompatible with the body and stronger than any other dental material to withstand the daily force of your bite.

This fully digital and highly tailored treatment is only possible with the extensive training and experience of our implant dentistry team. Dr. Seth Chambers has additionally completed a one-year intensive dental implant residency with BioHorizons, a nationally renowned implant manufacturer and innovator of the TeethXpress® full arch treatment protocol. 

Using custom nSequence® surgical guides, your surgery is exact and the results consistent and high-quality, with your immediate temporary and final restoration both fitted perfectly for optimal aesthetics and function. In a streamlined, three-phase treatment protocol, we can provide you with a new all on 4 dental implant smile made specifically for you!

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Your Smile Transformations in Three Phases

Phase One: Consultation and Treatment Planning

Your personalized consultation includes a complete evaluation, CBCT scan, and a walk-through of our treatment process. We’ll show you where the implants will go and how your smile will look once treatment is complete.

A unique part of our process, we always “reverse engineer” treatment, beginning with the design of your smile as it relates to your facial features, before planning the ideal placement of the all on 4 to 6 full mouth dental implants and 3D printing the custom surgical guide.

Phase Two: Guided Implant Surgery

Using your surgical guide, we’ll place your dental implants at the precise angle and depth in your jawbone to ensure long-term support for a new bridge of teeth. The location of each dental implant is important as they need to withstand the forces of eating, while the pressure of the teeth from biting and chewing must be spread across each implant evenly to avoid failure.

A custom surgical guide designed from a high-resolution CBCT scan provides unparalleled accuracy and predictability when compared to free-hand techniques where bone volume and density have not been as precisely assessed. We only use this fully guided approach to surgery to remove all guesswork and deliver a predictable outcome every time.

Your appointment will be efficient as you are comfortable and relaxed under IV sedation, and you’ll leave our office with lifelike temporary teeth immediately loaded to provide function as you recover.

Dr. Chambers Talks About The Full Arch Process At Bluegrass Dentistry

Phase Three: Healing and Final Restoration

You’ll need 3-4 months for the dental implants and bone to fully integrate before we’ll provide your final restoration. The custom temporary you’ve worn during the healing phase will help us make any final adjustments to the look of your permanent restoration.

Hand-crafted by skilled ceramists, this zirconia fixed bridge will match your facial aesthetics, with unique details that will complement even your skin tone and lip line. The natural aesthetics of your new smile will only be rivaled by how strong and functional it will be for decades to come.
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Affordable All On 4 Dental Implant Transformations

A transformation as permanent and life-changing as full mouth dental implants in Lexington, KY should always be considered as a lifetime investment. Therefore, you should never choose the cheapest option or begin treatment without fully understanding treatment costs. 

What we focus on at Bluegrass Dentistry is our experience in this treatment and the level of quality we provide in both our services and material options. The cost of our treatment reflects the amount of skill and dedication we put into creating a permanent smile that can provide outstanding benefits for the rest of your life.

By keeping treatment all in-house, we can bundle fees and include warranties, while providing a more streamlined and comfortable process. Financing our treatments is fast and easy, with some companies not even requiring a credit check, and we can phase your treatment to help spread costs over a longer period. 

While we understand that treatment cost is a focus for our patients, we also want you to realize that full mouth dental implants from Bluegrass Dentistry can very literally change your life! 

Don’t wait to contact our team to schedule your free second opinion and CBCT scan today.

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