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Meet Dr. Seth Chambers

Dr. Seth Chambers

My passion for dentistry didn’t come from a love of teeth or an excitement for going to the dentist. Like many of my patients, the idea of going to the dentist was met with anxiety, mostly due to a lack of great experiences.

My first passion was art: drawing, painting, sculpting, creating. This was an innate part of my life from a very young age. In school I gravitated towards science and biology, knowing that medicine was the path I was meant to follow. I began to realize that dentistry was sculpture in small scale and the principles of proportion, design, and symmetry that I had always been drawn to, existed in this career path.

Today I still have the same passionate drive for art and creativity. I’m devoted to new technology and treatments that allow me to take care of my patients through less invasive yet more efficient procedures. I enjoy all aspects of dentistry but I am dedicated to implantology and rehabilitation with an eye for smile design. The best dentistry should be invisible and if my work looks so natural that my patients smile with pride, then that is true success.

dr seth chambers

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