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Invisalign® Is Your Solution to Crooked Teeth

Are your crooked teeth causing you to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile? Receiving Invisalign® in Lexington, KY at our practice can put those feelings in the past! The virtually invisible alternative to conventional braces, Invisalign uses a set of clear aligners to comfortably align your teeth, without affecting your normal habits or lifestyle. Don’t wait to schedule your complimentary second opinion or consultation for Invisalign. We offer a free smile preview at your appointment to show you just how your teeth will move and what you can expect your smile to look like after your treatment. You won’t have to imagine what you’d look like with straight teeth—you’ll be able to see for yourself!

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The Amazing Benefits of Invisalign

Dr. Morgan Chambers Discusses How Invisalign Works and Why it May Be a Better Option Than Metal Braces

A Custom Orthodontic Process

Our treatment with Invisalign in Lexington, KY is a modern process that harnesses the power of digital technology. At your consultation, we’ll take digital impressions with our sophisticated intraoral scanner. These scans provide an accurate 3D representation of your teeth and are what we use to digitally mock-up your new smile. Once your custom set of Invisalign clear aligners is ready, you’ll begin wearing the first aligner in the series and replace it every two weeks with the next. For optimal results, these aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours each day, and only removed for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene care. We’ll be monitoring your treatment with routine check-ups to ensure your teeth are moving predictably and efficiently.

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Choose Expertise and Training

While it’s common for most dentists to offer Invisalign as part of their dental services, not all dentists have completed any additional training in this system. Most patients are candidates for Invisalign, but some cases would benefit more from conventional braces, and it takes a trained eye to determine this. A dentist with a broad knowledge of orthodontic treatment will recommend the solution that provides the most beneficial and longest-lasting results, whether Invisalign or braces.

Along with years of experience in orthodontics, our dentist, Dr. Morgan Chambers, is a Silver Invisalign Provider and has completed specialized training in Invisalign from Dr. David Galler, whose proven and unique method of Invisalign treatment ensures beautiful and predictable outcomes. Dr. Chambers has the expertise and training to improve both the appearance and function of your smile with personalized, effective Invisalign treatment. Along with helping you achieve the smile you desire, we’ll provide mouthguards and retainers after treatment so you can experience the benefits of straight teeth for the rest of your life.

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