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Affordable Implant Financing and Insurance Options

Routine dental care can be hard enough to maintain without the additional worry about how you’ll pay for treatment. Your oral health plays a crucial role in the function of your smile and the overall health of your body. To ensure all individuals and families can receive the dental care they need to live healthy, confident lives, we provide many affordable insurance and financing options. 

Our experienced team at Bluegrass Dentistry takes pride in offering comprehensive and personalized dental implant care for the whole family. And we’re pleased to help each of our patients experience our high-end dental care, no matter their finances or budget. If you’re not sure how you can afford dental implants, we encourage you to contact our expert team to learn more about dental implant insurance and financing options in Lexington, KY!

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The Perks of Dental Insurance For Implants

For individuals with dental insurance, this can provide additional incentive to maintain routine dental appointments. Most dental insurances cover bi-annual teeth cleanings and annual x-rays. They also provide partial or full coverage for select dental treatments like dental crowns or tooth extractions. 

For both individuals and families, dental insurance makes it easier to maintain proper oral health and take care of dental concerns quickly. At Bluegrass Dentistry, we will file for all insurances to ensure that patients can get their maximum benefits. We will always file claims on your behalf to help you maximize the benefits that are part of your dental plan.

We Accept the Following:

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Financing for Healthier Smiles

For individuals without dental insurance or those who want elective services or need more complex treatment, we provide third-party dental financing through Proceed Finance, and CareCredit®. Dental financing provides a simple and easy way to pay for dental implants with low monthly payment plans. 

Combining fixed-term loans and competitive interest rates, third party financing in Lexington, KY helps many of our patients afford the dental care they need. We encourage you to contact our financial coordinator to learn more about your financing options and to get assistance applying.

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