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Comfortable, Effective Oral Surgery

Optimizing Your Smile’s Health and Function

If you need an oral surgery procedure, such as tooth extraction or bone grafting, you have dental concerns that are affecting the health and function (and sometimes aesthetics) of your smile. 

Our dentist at Bluegrass Dentistry recommends these treatments when you’re experiencing severe tooth decay or infection, problematic third molars, or bone loss due to missing teeth. 

With dedicated surgical suites, custom sedation options, and an experienced surgical team, we can provide comfortable and effective oral surgery in Lexington, KY to restore your dental health, function, and smile aesthetics. 

Because dental problems often continue to progress without treatment, we encourage you to schedule your oral surgery consultation as soon as possible to avoid more complex and costlier procedures later.

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Tooth Extractions

A tooth may need extraction for many reasons, including extensive decay, infection, gum disease, and trauma. Because these teeth are generally causing functional issues, removing them can restore oral health along with relieving any pain and infection. 

Tooth extractions are common procedures for our dentist, and we always complete these surgeries while you are comfortably under sedation. During the procedure, your tooth will gently be removed with special tools to minimize harming tissues and bone. 

You can generally return to normal activities 2-3 days after surgery once a healthy blood clot has formed in the tooth socket. You can also choose to immediately replace your extracted tooth with a permanent dental implant to restore optimal aesthetics and function to your smile.

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Bone Grafting

Tooth loss, whether a result of gum disease or other factors, always leads to jawbone loss. The bone relies on teeth to provide stimulation that keeps it dense and strong. Without teeth, this bone resorbs or shrinks and becomes thin and weak. 

Many of our patients need bone grafting to qualify for tooth replacement with dental implants. Our implant dentist, Dr. Seth Chambers, has years of experience in bone grafting procedures along with completing a year-long residency through BioHorizons where he gained experience in advanced grafting techniques, including ridge augmentation and sinus lifts. 

Bone grafting involves taking bone from the patient or a donor source and adding it to areas of the jaw that have resorbed to rebuild its natural structure and density. Dental implants can be placed alongside bone grafting or after the area has healed.

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