Dr. Seth Chambers Discusses Why Bluegrass Dentistry Can Offer the Lowest Prices for Dental Implants

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dr seth chambers
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A lot of patients on their initial consult, they might see someone else and get a number of 60 to $80000 for a full arch case. One of the benefits of coming to see us is that that number can be a lot lower, not only because of a lot of the work that we do in-house, but also because of the volume of the amount of these cases that we do on a consistent basis. By doing a lot of these cases, we’re able to pass on that cost savings to the patient. You are going to have all this done in one location. So as you see other providers, you might see a periodontist or an oral surgeon for the surgical aspect of placing the implants. You made then go to see a prosthodontist for your general dentist at that stage for restoration. There may actually be a third step in the process where you’re going to another office to see someone yet again before you get to the end results. With us it all happens here. So you get that cost savings because you’re not jumping around from provider to provider. You’re going to see me from the beginning to the end of this process. We’re printing a lot of these trends in office, which again is another cost savings that were able to pass on to the patient.

We are designing the case in office which gives us another cost savings. The more we keep the lab and the workflow within house, then I’m able to pass those benefits on to the patient. Most of our prosthesis are going to be made as a draconian because that’s what’s going to last the patient the patient the longest. These full-arch cases run around $25000 start to finish. That’s for healthy patients with good bone to start from wherever they are right now to the end result. There’s no additive fees. Once we start the process, that’s the number that we agreed upon. There’s no bait and switch scenarios. If we quote a price, that’s the price that’s going to be honored. If I have to do something down the road to say, replace an implant or fix something or there’s a sedation involved, there’s no additional price for it. Once we agree upon what our goals are and where we’re going to end up at the final, when that treatment plan is presented, there’s no changes to that treatment plan. Whatever I have to do to make sure the prosthesis works out for you is what we do. Our work has a warranty. We stand behind it because we know it’s a big investment for our patients. I don’t want our patient to think what’s going to happen if all my implants fail, or what if my prosthesis breaks. You don’t have to worry about those things because that’s part of seeing me and I’m able to fix those scenarios whether it be the implant or the prosthesis. I can take care of that for you and I will take care of it because that’s what helps me sleep at night.

I like knowing that I’m doing high-quality work for my patients and knowing that their investment is going into a good place where they don’t have to worry about throwing money away or continuing to spend money on something over and over again. Everything’s put together for the benefit of the patient. That way you get that in result for the cheapest or the lowest cost or initial investment that I can possibly give you, or that you can get in the area. I want to make sure that you get the results that you’re after without spending exorbitant amounts of money to get there. I want that patient happy at the end. I want them smiling. No one should have regret over this process. You should be ecstatic from the beginning to the end. It is a solid investment for your future. A lot of people make big investments in cars, but that’s a depreciating asset and something like this is something that’s going to transform your life. It’s literally a restart for a lot of our patients. That can take patients back 30 years. Whether it be neglect or periodontal disease or trauma, there are a lot of different factors that can affect people into losing their teeth and to not have that issue whether it’s functional or psychological. To not think, “Hey, my denture’s going to fall out if I sneeze or if I cough or I have to take my prosthesis out before I eat dinner or somebody’s going to throw it away accidentally.” Whatever it might be to just live your life like normal. To eat an apple, to chew food that you want to eat, to eat salad again, to be able to function and digest your food and get the nutrients that you need to live a healthy and happy life.

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