kim a patient at bluegrass dentistry smiling with her new teeth

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Kim's Story

kim a patient at bluegrass dentistry under sedation to receive her treatment
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Kim’s fear of dentists led to anxiety and avoided dental care. After trying Bluegrass Dentistry, she found relief through sedation dentistry, improving her dental health and overall quality of life.

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Kim: Hi, my name is Kim. The reason I come to Bluegrass Dentistry is sedation. So when I was young and I’d go to the dentist, it was always a terrifying experience. Generally, I had one dentist that would rather pull teeth than do anything about it. So as an adult I ended up having to have implants. I tried to avoid the dentist as much as I could and when I became an adult it continued. I would go to the dentist, have a lot of work to be done and it was always just a terrifying experience. So even thinking about going to the dentist created a lot of anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, but I still put up with the dental pain because I was so fearful and hadn’t found anyone that would help me with my fears as well as take care of my teeth. That continued until I was probably in my mid-20s.

Narrator: I actually saw Kim’s daughter initially. I think Kim used her daughter as maybe a tester to see if she would be interested in coming and hanging out with us.

Kim: The reason I came was, my younger one had some work done and she said, “Oh mom, they’re such nice people.” She was in her mid-20s and I thought, “Oh, I really need to grow up and take care of these problems.” If they’re really that nice, I’ll give them a try. They have proven to be nicer than I could even imagine. Sedation dentistry is really, really improved the quality of my life and my teeth.

Narrator: Now she’s become one of my most favorite patients in the practice. She’s always got a smile on her face. She’s always happy. Initially she showed up with a lot of reservations and a lot of distrust and a lot of concern about what was going on and what she was going to experience within the dental chair. She really needed sedation and once she realized what we could offer here and the solutions that were present for her and the ability to do everything in one location and not have to go from office to office to office to get these things accomplished. I think it made her life immensely easier especially in the dental field.

Kim: So what I love about it is I come in, I get the IV sedation, the work is done. I come to and I’m clear-headed, I get driven home. It’s all done. There’s no anxiety.

Narrator: I think she’s gone from someone who needs to be IV-sedated for every procedure to understanding that we have her best interests at heart every step along the way. Not only that but she’s always in control of the scenario. I think it’s really important for patients to understand that I don’t control it. I work on your speed. If she’s comfortable and she’s ready to move forward with things, then we move forward with things. There are some procedures that she may still want to be sedated for, but not every procedure. She’s one of those patients who she will not leave this office without giving everybody who is involved in her care a hug.

Kim: So now after coming to Bluegrass Dentistry, my mouth is healthy, and I’m so much better off for it.

kim a patient at bluegrass dentistry smiling with her new teeth

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