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Meet Dr. Morgan Chambers

Dr. Morgan Chambers

My interest in medicine was evident from a young age, but it didn’t translate into an interest in dentistry until I was in college. I was always drawn to medicine, partially due to a fascination with science, but mostly due to a love for helping others. When I entered college and chose my major, I believed that medicine was the only profession where I could blend my two passions into a career.

Big surprise, I was wrong! Through a family friend and mentor, I learned that dentistry was a beautiful profession where I could care for others, help improve their health and their daily lives, all while putting my passion for science and the human body to use. After realizing that dentistry was the obvious choice for me, I completed dental school and a general practice residency at the University of Kentucky

It was during my time in dental school and residency that I realized people just don’t like the dentist. This is not exactly something you are taught in school. People’s anxiety and discomfort in the dental chair sparked an even greater passion within me to focus on not only giving people quality dental care, but keeping them comfortable while doing so. This was a major factor in my decision to complete a residency program, to learn advanced sedation techniques that would serve my patients for years to come.

Most dentists wake up and go to work every day so that they can give people beautiful smiles, but for me it’s much more than that. My personal and professional fulfillment comes from knowing that I am treating my patient’s teeth like my own and that I have their best interest at heart. My goal is to create beautiful, healthy smiles for my patients so that they leave happier, healthier, and more confident without the anxiety that they’ve experienced previously.

dr morgan chambers

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