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Meet our Dr. Rachel Wilson

Dr. Rachel Wilson

My appreciation for and interest in dentistry comes from a very personal place. While I can’t say I knew I was “destined” to be a dentist from an early age, I can say with perfect honesty that dentistry has changed my life. I’ve had nearly every dental procedure that we provide at Bluegrass Dentistry—implants, multiple rounds of orthodontics, wisdom teeth extracted, fillings, root canal…. the list goes on. Through these procedures, my smile improved drastically, and my confidence soared. These experiences led me to pursue a career in dentistry.

For those who have had past negative experiences with dentistry, I want to help create new positive experiences. Sometimes this can only be achieved with sedation dentistry. I am licensed to safely provide my patients with oral sedation and IV sedation options.

While I never had any significant negative experiences with my own dental procedures/providers, I know the feeling of anxiety, vulnerability, and embarrassment that can come with having dental work done. If you are or have been putting off dentistry for any of these reasons, rest assured that you’re in a safe place at Bluegrass Dentistry. We strive to set your mind at ease, explain your conditions and treatment options, and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you. First, we will focus on achieving oral health, then we can begin creating the smile of your dreams!

dr wilson

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